Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

Today was one of the greatest days of my life and one of the worst...You know why? MY EXAMS ARE OVER...WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!i can play the computer for the whole day but m brother will end up playing though sigh he's alwas taking over my games of warcraft.Any way im juz glad that the exams are over and the holidays are approaching soon.The bad thing is today is friday the 13th and nobdy is safe muahahahha being lame now hahaz any way i got the feeling of failure for my last few exams today ah don't care anyway dont need to make such a big who ha out of it.Nothing much to write about in this blog except for the first time playing halo 2 with my sis, her bf, my bro and ME for a damn long time.It is really fun but at least i'm not addicted to it like a certain classmate of mine is.I'm not mentioning any names...but whats done is done and my exam results cannot be changed no metter how bad they are...sigh this is going to bo a rough year for me as my SA2 will be tough and my Maths sux cause i am never able to solve the tough fractions problem sums...i am such a dumb ass. Well i hope u guyz do well BYE!! ;)

The day my dad came back from msia!! With a whole lotta chewing gum

Today was the day my dad came back from Malaysia and he bought a whole lotta chewing gum...I'm even eating it right now while typing this blog...hahaz.I started of my day cycling with my sis and my cousin actually my couz was rollerblading.I was watching my sis' boyfriend play soccer too...maybe they'll get married around 3-5 more years...any wayz I went to my sis' bf house and relaxed after his match and played his drum set haha i suck at it but i'll keep trying :p.Then, we went to fetch my bro to tuition and we wnt to roxy square to eat STEAMBOAT!!! yum yum.Actually i did'nt really eat much i just ate meatballs and fishballs hahahaha.After that we went to fetch my bro from tuition and then we went back home.We played halo for a while then my sis and her bf left.I watched my bro play warcraft and then at night my dad came home from Malaysia with a damn lotta chewing gum he gave me packet after packet after packet.There were strawberry flavour,blueberry,grape and banana.hahaha,Well bye and have a nice weekend :)

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Woohooooooo today my aircon was fixed and it is sooooo cooling ahhh im enjoying it while i'm writing this blog by the way this is my 3rd account because i keep forgetting my stupid account names grrrrrr...any way my dog keeps barking and i gave him a cute little orange stuff toy to play with i cut out the hair because im afraid he'll eat it hahaz...Man exams are coming and i'm totally stressed out sigh...I have to do so many exam papers for my mum and including PSLE english papers because i did very badly for my revision paper and got 51 1/2 any way the highest in my class was like 60 something...Haha nobody bothered to put in and effort they just close thier eyes and do it.Man i am so scared of the SA1 papers especially for my english for some reason its deproving man i'm gonna die if i don't get good marks but maths im pretty confident that i'll do well but i'm not over-confident i really hope i get at least 2 band 1's and my science teacher is the.....WORST EVER!!! she can't even control the class properly and she let's us bring home our science revision paper, every thing is so unorganised when she teaches us...sigh. I don't think i'll be doing that well for Science cause i'm quite confused with plants...Haha. Have a great day ahead of you bye!