Friday, May 13, 2005

The day my dad came back from msia!! With a whole lotta chewing gum

Today was the day my dad came back from Malaysia and he bought a whole lotta chewing gum...I'm even eating it right now while typing this blog...hahaz.I started of my day cycling with my sis and my cousin actually my couz was rollerblading.I was watching my sis' boyfriend play soccer too...maybe they'll get married around 3-5 more years...any wayz I went to my sis' bf house and relaxed after his match and played his drum set haha i suck at it but i'll keep trying :p.Then, we went to fetch my bro to tuition and we wnt to roxy square to eat STEAMBOAT!!! yum yum.Actually i did'nt really eat much i just ate meatballs and fishballs hahahaha.After that we went to fetch my bro from tuition and then we went back home.We played halo for a while then my sis and her bf left.I watched my bro play warcraft and then at night my dad came home from Malaysia with a damn lotta chewing gum he gave me packet after packet after packet.There were strawberry flavour,blueberry,grape and banana.hahaha,Well bye and have a nice weekend :)


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